Celebrating the Sisters of Charity in Australia

31 May 2014 | General Interest

 Ausralian Leader Sr Pauline Robinson and Assistant Leader  Sr Catherine White attended the celebration in the Cathedral of St Stephen to celebrate the 175 years of Charity ministry in Australia. With their particular concern for the poor, the Charity Sisters have provided health care, palliative care, social support, education, and outreach ministries in Australia for 175 years.

The celebration began with a wonderful dramatic and musical account of the courage and vision of the first five sisters who came across the sea from Ireland to minister in our young nation. Archival treasurers that came with those courageous sisters, a Bible, a brass crucifix and other items, were solemnly carried into the cathedral during the opening procession.  

Magnificent music from a traditional Celtic group and a combined choir form Mt St Michael's College and the Cathedral provided worthy music for such a huge celebration. The procession also included banners showing the dozens of ministries that the Sisters have sponsored in Quennsland and Northern New outh Wales.

The first five Charity Sisters were the first religious to come to Australia, so the celebration was also a celebration of the 175 years of religious life and ministry in Australia. 

We give thanks for the Sisters of Charity and for all the ministries that enrich our Church and country and we ask God to bless the years ahead for the Sisters, and for Mary Aitkinhead Ministries which will ensure the wonderful work that they began will contnue into the future.