Sisters gather to begin the year of Chapter activities.

23 March 2014 | General Interest

 On Saturday and Sunday this week, the 22nd and 23rd March, twently Missionary Franciscan Sisters form across Autralian gathed in Chermside to begin the process of preparing for the Circle Chapter in September of this year.  Sr Monica Cavanagh, recently elected Australian Leader of the Sisters of St Joseph, was the facilitator for the weekend.

At the meeting the sisters elected the delagates for the Chapter and raised issues of concern to be shared at the Chapter.

The days were begun with a reflective prayer on the old Japanese bowls of the kintsugi tradition.  Over five housand years ago artists began to repair broken pottery bowls with a resin made of tree sap, overlaid with gold joins.  The resultant repair created art more beautiful than the original pottery. The Sisters reflected on this art form in conjunction wth their own lives.